Cuvée 2017 is a special blend of different older wild ales (approximately 1,5 years old). A part of it was refermented and macerated for 6 months on organic Chardonnay grapes. This gives the base blend fruitiness but also complexity and structure from the skin of the grapes. Aroma’s of a funky chardonnay, a hint of oak, balanced round sourness, a somewhat creamy mouthfeel and refreshing, slightly, citrussy aftertaste. Perfect for drinking this summer and/or aging for a longer period of time.

We recommend to drink this beer either right away to have a lot of grape character coming through or give it some more aging (6 months +) to balance out the base beer and grape character. 75CL, 7,8% Alc. Vol.

Tommie Sjef cuvee 2017

  • 75 cl

    7,8 %

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