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    We love seeing pictures of your new beermail with a tag of us. We encourage and give you a reward for it. When u share your haul and link/tag us like: Beermail from @belgianwhalez, we give u 1% for every 500 followers you have with a maximum of 5% on your next order. (Send your socials to
  • How much does the shipping cost?
    Shipping is all about destination and weight, you can find the build up for USA below: If your country is outside of the EU and not available for checkout, plz contact us. Currently in the system: USA, Norway, Canada, Australia, China and South-Korea. Weights are calculated as following: 330ml = 0,83 kg 375ml = 1kg 750ml = 1,8kg Magnum = 3,2 kg Example for USA: 0-3 kg = 34$ 3-4 kg = 42$ 4-5 kg = 48$ 5-6 kg = 57$ 6-7 kg = 64$ 7-8 kg = 71$ 8-10 kg = 85$ 10-15 kg = 112$ 15-20 kg = 148$ 20-xx kg = 99999 $ >>>>> please contact us to give you a custom invoice
  • My shipping cost is 99999
    Your order has exceeded 60 kg, plz send us an e-mail with the bottles in your order and we will make a custom invoice with the correct shipping added. The shipping calculator has it's limitations unfortunatly.
  • How to properly store your bottles.
    When u have received your bottles it's best to lay your lambics down like they are at the breweries themselves. Other beers should be stored upright unless they have a cork aswell, then u have free choice. The best temperature is around 12° Celcius (+-55F) and with little to no fluctuation. The place should be completely dark since UV-light breaks down the hopcomponents and others, giving off-flavours as it does. Humidity should be around 55 - 70%, to moist and it is possible that mold starts to form and your labels get damaged, to low and the corks may 'shrink' (high quality corks are designed not to shrink).
  • How long does my delivery take?
    Delivery can take 3 to 21 working days. On very rare occasions it could take longer. Average time is around 7 days.
  • What do i do with a broken bottle?
    Always accept the package. Message us within 24 hours after delivery with clear and high quality pictures of everything of the broken bottle and rest of the package. Send them to
  • Shipping to europe
    we are currently not shipping within the European Union due to regulatory obligations (VAT and administration)
  • Response time
    We try to answer your questions as soon as possible as we most likely live in different timezones. Aiming to do this within 24 hours of your post.
  • Price in euro
    At this point it is not possible to have multiple currencies.
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