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In June 2018, after the Carnivale Brettanomyces festival, we brewed this spicy ‘international gruit ale’ with our friends from altbrau (USA), Bretty fingers (SE), Nevel Artisan Ales (NL) and Brauerei Kemkcr (DE). We used a bit of hops early in the brew, and then infused the wort in the coolship with myrica gale, bedstraw, hogweed and bay laurel. You will recognize the eucalpytic tones of the gale among others, and in the finish a distinct bitterness coming from a late addition of artichoke leaves in the coolship (we are looking at you mr. goat method). Bottled October 2019

Antidoot nacht van de geit 2020

  • 75 cl

    6.5 %

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