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Assemblage n° 47 • seizoen 18|19

# of bottles: 1,299

Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen “Speling van het Lot” (Twist of Fate) is a series of small batch experimental brews, barrel maturations, fruit macerations and/or blends. This 9th version features a range of strawberry maceration iterations aiming at balancing the
intense fruitiness of strawberries with the subtleties of traditional lambic while minimising the unpleasant phenolic characteristics of the small pits. For this fruit lambic we barrel macerated sour cherries on a previous barrel macerated strawberry lambic
(featured in the ToF IX.i). The proportion is 65% strawberries to 35% sour cherries, while the final intensity is
260 grams of fruit per liter of finished fruit lambic. The ToF’s IX.iv to IX.vii follow the same principle except we
played around with the sugar priming dosage, which is in this case 3 grams per liter.

3 Fonteinen twist of fate IX.iv

  • 75 cl


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