1 and 2 year old lambic with 3 varieties of rhubarb.

The poison mixer from the period of the Tsars in Russia. The blend owes his name to one of my guilty pleasures Disney films (Anastacia from 1997). How we came up with this name comes from the oxalic acid that rhubarb carries in itself and withdraws from the leaf back into the stem after spring. This makes it important to pick the rhubarb before this process takes place. 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, also for the rhubarb . Given the very great drought, the rhubarb had simply not come out at my retired rhubarb grower. (Thats another story, but for the next release or so) The rhubarb that we used for this blend is partly grown on Zeeland soil and this also translates into the taste. A slight salinity is noticeable here. The final blend is an assembly of 3 different types of rhubarb.

Bofkont Raspoeting 2020

  • 75 cl


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